Welcome to Piano Class

As the 3rd Marking Period comes to an end. You have a choice of presenting a Powerpoint presentation or choosing to perform a piano piece of your choice. Powerpoints will be due no later than Monday 4/11 and the recital will take place on 4/13.

3rd Marking Period Instrumental Artist Final Project:

Project must be based on a significant instrumentalist. Artists are on a first come first serve basis so email the name of your artist for first dibs.

Music Artist Presentation:
See below instructions for samples

1. Fill out the following information, copy and paste into a google doc, and share with Mr. Roemer rroemer@philasd.org. Due Thursday 1/28/16 (unless verbal or written confirmation of an extension from Mr. Roemer). Mr. Roemer will make comments directly to the google doc, and upon approval advance to step 2.

2. Begin Power Point Presentation. Please refer to Rubric for grading (please be follow directions, provide all pertinent information, be creative, include visually appealing images and at least 1 sound sample minimum 15 seconds).


For this project, you are going to need a sample of your artist's work (MP3). You will go to youtube or a music website(s) and choose clips you can cut up to put together to make the lyrics for the song.

You can use the youtube to MP3 converter found here:



Piano Chords:


  • C major – C E G
  • C# major – C# E# G#
  • D major – D F# A
  • Eb major – Eb G Bb
  • E major – E G# B
  • F major – F A C
  • F# major – F# A# C#
  • G major – G B D
  • Ab major – Ab C Eb
  • A major – A C# E
  • Bb major – Bb D F
  • B major – B D# F#


  • C minor – C Eb G
  • C# minor – C# E G#
  • D minor – D F A
  • Eb minor – Eb Gb Bb
  • E minor – E G B
  • F minor – F Ab C
  • F# minor – F# A C#
  • G minor – G Bb D
  • Ab minor – Ab Cb(B) Eb
  • A minor – A C E
  • Bb minor – Bb Db F
  • B minor – B D F#


Piano Recital #2




Click on the following link and follow along:

Now click on the following link and work independently:

Recital #1 (Suggested Songs)

November 12 & 13


Amazing Grace
Au Clair De La Lune
Farmer in the Dell (2 hands)
Happy Birthday (2 hands)
Hot Cross Buns (2 hands)
Old MacDonald (Alternating 2 hands)
Mexican Hat Dance (2 hands)
Row Row Row Your Boat
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Yankee Doodle

Haloween Sheet Music

Winter/Holiday Sheet Music