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Podcast Project

Podcast Projects due: 4/8 & 4/15

Garageband Projects

With each submission you must accompany a google form:

2 (non magic garageband) projects due 4/8

2 (non magic garageband) projects due 4/15

3rd Marking Period Proposal

Podcast Project Due March 8th

Track #2 Project Due Friday 2/25/16:

For your 2nd track project, the guidelines will be similar to Track #1. The only catch is you must choose a different genre that influenced your track and if you are using Magic Garageband you MUST choose another genre. Please save this project as "Track 2 Last Name" ex. Track 1 Roemer.

Check out all of the requirements and the google form to be filled out here:

2016 Radio Commercial Project (Final Exam Grade 2nd Marking Period)

Due Dates:
Google Form: 1/20
Google Doc: 1/21
Begin Recording: No later than 1/27
Project Completion with musical accompaniment: 1/29

Any part of the project submitted past the due date without prior verbal or written approval from Mr. Roemer will result in the lowering of the grade.


Upon completion of your Holiday Project, now minimized to only 15 seconds of a Holiday song, your next assignment will be creating your 1st track to your album.

For this you will have (almost) full control over your masterpiece.

1. Choose either loops or magic garageband for your first track.
2. Next you will identify a genre (rock, hip-hop, R&B, etc.)
3. Did you have any musical influences as you began your composition (please name specific artists)
4. What do you feel the theme of your composition is either meant to portray or how it may be portrayed? (A love song, specific feeling or emotion, a particular event either in life or social aspect, a video game theme, a movie theme, etc.)
5. Your piece must have a minimum of an intro, verse, chorus, outro. YOU WILL BE GRADED ON THE ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE THE CHANGE IN SECTIONS! So don't use all of the same loops from section to section. Listen to a magic garageband file if you are unsure to hear the differentiation.
6. Make sure you label the different sections of your track through the "Arrangement" option.
7. If I am utilizing Magic Garageband list the instrumentation including the SOLOIST and a minimum of 5 additional loops to augment your project. If not using Magic Garageband list all of the tracks used in your project.
8. List any single track fades by the track and measure numbers
9. List any Master Track fades by measure numbers only
10. What key is my project in? (list both letter and maj or min)
11. What is my tempo?
12. Did I create any of my own loops via synth or import any mp3's or wav's?
13. Grade your project out of 100 based on:
a. 20 points - theme portrayed
b. 40 points - creativitiy (did I put time into the project to make it something I am proud of or did I not put forth effort and probably attempted to sleep or communicate on my phone the entire time?)
c. 20 points - follow directions listed above from #1-12
d. 20 points - can the different sections of my song be identified?


Upon completion of your Track 1 project, please export the project as a MP3 and email it to rroemer@philasd.org

1. Click "SHARE" at the top of the screen
2. Select "Export to Disk..."
3. Find "Compress Using" and choose "MP3 Encoder"
4. Click "Export"
5. Save as: Track 1 Last Name
6. Where: Save to your folder
7. Click Save
8. Email the MP3 to rroemer@philasd.org

Holiday Mash Up Project

For this project, you are going to do a lot of cutting and pasting. You are to choose a Christmas carol or favorite holiday song. Choose a favorite singer. You will go to youtube or a music website(s) and choose clips you can cut up to put together to make the lyrics for the song. Here is an example:

You can use the youtube to MP3 converter found here:



To copy audio, paste the url into the "VIDEO LINK" section and click convert, then click DOWNLOAD.

You should then see your MP3 appear at the bottom of the browser.
Drag this to your desktop and into garageband.
Crop the loop for the lyric

This project should be 1 minute or more in length.Add a beat and as many sounds as you would like. No minimum number of tracks. Just have fun creating something festive!
Fill ou the following Google Form


How to split a loop:
1. Drag the mp3 into the TIMELINE
2. It will say "converting" then appear a yellow/orangish color
3. Highlight the loop and make sure your redline is exactly where you want to split
4. Click "Edit" then "Split" or press Command T
5. Highlight the loop again and choose your end point and follow the same splitting directions

Magic Garageband Project

Please fill out the Google Form as you go along


1. Open Magic Garageband

2. Choose a genre of music

3. Eliminate "My Instrument" in the middle spotlight by clicking "No Instrument" in the bottom right corner

4. Change a minimum of 2 instruments (Make sure you list this in your google form)

5. Click "Open in Garageband"

6. You must utilize 1 crossfade

7. Utilize 2 single track fades

8. Utilize 1 master track fade

9. Add a minimum of 5 other tracks/loops (preferably percussion)

Culminating Project

Due Friday December 4


Now that you have learned a lot of the basics of Garageband, it is time to make a project on your own. I will give you some guidelines, but you will have more freedom to create something with more of your own input.

1. Change the Key from the key of C Major. (Remember Major=Happy Minor=Sad, unless you record your own tracks on the keyboard

2. Change the tempo from the default

3. You must Map out your arrangement

4. You must use a minimum of 10 Loops or recorded tracks

5. You Must crop at least 1 loop

6. You must crop one loop and use the option + click method to move the cropped loop

7. Utilize a minimum of 1 podcast sound (sound effect, jingle, etc.)

8. Adjust a minimum of 2 single track volume fades

9. Utilize a minimum of 1 master volume fade (preferable during the outro, but choice is yours)

10. Utilize a minimum of 1 cross fade (from +63 to -64)

11. Composition must be a minimum of 2 minutes

12. Upon completion switch LCD screen from Measures to Time

Independent Project:

Due Wednesday November 25


Pan Project:

Complete the following to your "Book Project" saved in your folder
Now open your “Book Project”

    1. Set the 2nd track “Synths” to -32
    2. Set the 3rd track “Shaker” to +32
    3. Skip the 4th track “Upright Bass Jazz” and leave it dead center
    4. Set the 5th track “Kits” to -7
    5. Set the 6th track “Elec Guitar” to +24
    6. Set the 9th track “Elec Guitar” to -32

Fade Project:

Due Friday November 6


You will prepare a Garageband independent project based on concepts we have learned so far this year.
1. You will need a minimum of tracks altogether.
2. You will also be creating an arrangement with an Intro (8 measures), Verse (16 measures), Chorus (16 measures), Outro (8 measures). These sections should show a little contrast and not be identical to each other (although it is ok for the intro and outro to be simliar).
3. INTRO (8 Bars) - Fade in from -144db to 0db

4. OUTRO (8 Bars) - Fade out from 0 db to -144db
5. In addition to the Master Volume Fades in the Intro and Outro, you must have a minimum of 2 Single track fades.
6. You will also be required to create 1 Track in Score View (see page 58 for a refresher) choose one of the following: a Synth Basics, a Synth Leads, a Synth Pads, and a Synth Textures utilizing either a whole middle line B as you did in your previous example, or any other pitches of your choice.
7. You must utilize at least 1 podcast sound. This may be a Jingle, Stinger, or Sound Effect.
8. Under Master Pitch place a +2 at the beginning of your chorus at measure 25
Please fill in this form as you go along.

Book Project:

Halloween Assignment

1. Choose an Edgar Allen Poe Poem from the following link:

2. Create a new file in Garageband and name it after the Poem and remember to save your project frequently in your folder.

3. Create an accompaniment to the poem utilizing pre-arranged loops, the midi keyboard, podcast sounds, and/or any other sounds you can import into garageband. Experiment in the Loop Browser section with keywords including: Textures, Experimental, FX, Dark, Dissonant, etc.

4. Practice reciting your poem over the background accompaniment.

5. Record yourself reciting the poem. Then arrange and edit in Garageband.

6. Export file as a .MP3

7. Files and Google Forms are due Wednesday 28, 2015 and will be performed Thursday and Friday

Halloween Project Google Form

October 22 Project


Oct 15

1. Open Garageband
2. Click on Loops
3. Title "Software Loops"
4. Click "Create"
5. Click "Create a new track" (+ sign in the bottom lefthand corner)
6. Double Click the Software Instrument (piano)
7. Click on "Synth Basics" (left pane on the right side of the screen)
8. Click "Circuit Dialog" (right pane, right side of screen")
Press Command and click in measure 1
9. Click "Create a new track" (+ sign in the bottom lefthand corner)
10. Click "Constellation"in the right pane on the right side of your screen
11. Press command and click in measure 3
12. Continue this process inputting "Laser Shot", Martian Lounge", "Modern Prophecy", etc. all the way down til you reach Satr Sweeper.
13. Go back to measure 1 and double click "Circuit Dialog"
14. Click on Score (bottom left next to piano roll)
15. Click in the insert panel (where it says "eighth note" and change it to a "whole note" (just a note head, can be found on the first row all the way to the right)
16. Click "command" and take your pointer over to the middle line on the staff and click
17. Next click "Constellation"in the score view and press command and click to add a middle line B
18. Continue this process for the remainder of Synth Basics

Raise your hand upon completion. Next you will explore Synth Leads, Synth Pads, and Synth Textures on your own. Upon completion of this move on to the October 22 Project listed below.

October 22 Project


October 9 Project


Musictheory.net supplemental lessons - lessons
Musictheory.net exercises - exercises
Teoria Music Theory - Teoria
Monday - Friday: The staff, lines, spaces, grandstaff. Note naming exercises

review lesson: http://www.musictheory.net/lessons/10
click on http://www.musictheory.net/exercises

Click on the following link and follow along:

Now click on the following link and work independently:

Now click the above PDF "Take Control of Making Music With Garageband 11" and turn to page 16.

9/18 Assignment

Garageband Project #1

Open Garageband
Change the key in the LCD display
Change the Tempo in the LCD Display
Choose a minimum of 4 Loops (Must include Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano)
Layer the Loops entering the song (They cannot all start at measure 1, they can end together)
Fill out the following Google Form as you finish

3rd Marking Period Proposal

Podcast Research Assignment 1/14/2015

Podcasts & Vodcasts… creativity, speaking, fluency, innovation…

What is a podcast? An audio recording that is shared for others to listen to.
Some schools, classrooms, students, teachers and principals are creating

You can find podcasts on iTunes. There are vocabulary podcasts, history from
Williamsburg, grammar from the Grammar Girls, Super Why from PBS kids,
foreign language, and many more to learn from for FREE! These can be
downloaded to your mp3 or media player, smartphone, or digital device.



    1. 1. Open up iTunes
    2. 2. Click on Itunes Store
    3. 3. Click on the Podcasts menu item to display a drop-down listing of options. *Note there are categories you can filter your search with.

3. Select Education from the list of Categories.

4. Scroll down the righthand side to the Top Podcasts (below Top Episodes).

5. Select one of the Top 10 Podcasts.

6. After selecting one, you will be on a page with a lot of different episodes, or recordings. Move your mouse over the number by the Name field and click on the play arrow to hear it. You will hear it and see it begin to play. You can pause the recording at any time, then continue, or stop it using the menu of controls. Sometimes you will need to move your cursor on top of the player to have the controls displayed. (Open the Podcast.docx below for the listening assignment. Feel free to transfer it to a google doc to share with me).

7. Keep the following in mind as you listen, and evaluate the episode you listen to:

 Quality of Content

 Delivery – did it hold your attention?

 Structure & organization, was there an “Intro” at the beginning telling you what it would be about, and an “Outro” reviewing the content at the end?

 Production quality

8. Select at least 4 more podcasts (any genre).

Garageband Arrangement Project 10/10/2014

This next project will focus on Arranging in GarageBand. Songs utilize form and now you will too. For this project you will create an 8 measure intro, meaning you will create 8 measures to lead us into the verse of the song. Then you will create a 16 measure verse, then a 16 measure chorus.

The sections of this arrangement should be contrasting but stay within the same genre. (So you should not start off with a Country intro and have the verse in Heavy Metal)

You our must utilize a minimum of 1 drum loop, 1 guitar loop, 1 bass loop, and 2 other loops of your choosing per section.

Next step is Arranging

To use the Arrange track, display it by clicking Track→Show Arrange Track.The Arrange track then appears as a thin strip at the top of the track list. Click the Add Region button in the Arrange track (which carries a plus sign) and you’ll see a new, untitled region appear.

You can drag the right side of the Arrangement region to resize it, or drag it to move it anywhere in the song.


Who wants an arrangement full of regions named “untitled”? To rename an Arrangement region, click the word untitled to select it (the Arrange track turns blue), and then click the title again to display a text box. Type a new name for the region and press Return. For this project you will label your sections as Intro, Verse, and Chorus.
Now, here’s where Arrangement regions get cool:
    • To move an entire Arrangement region, click the region’s title in the Arrange track and then drag it anywhere you like in the song.
    • To copy an Arrangement region, hold down the Option key and drag the desired region’s title to the spot where you want the copy to appear.
    • To delete an Arrangement region, select it and press Command+Option+Delete.
    • To replace the contents of an Arrangement region with those of another Arrangement region, hold down the Command key and drag the desired region’s title on top of the offending region’s title.
    • To switch two Arrangement regions in your song — swapping the contents completely — drag one of the Arrangement region titles on top of the other and lift your finger from the trackpad.

For your final project to be played on Friday here is the form of the project

8 measure - Intro
16 measure - Verse
16 measure - Verse
16 measure - Chorus
16 measure - Verse
16 measure - Chours (add Auto Fade, see directions below)

GarageBand '11: Add a fade-out or fade-in


You can easily add an automatic fade-out to the end of a project, so that the sound gradually fades to silence.
When you add a fade-out, four control points are added to the master track for the project. The first control point is added 10 seconds before the end of the last region in the project, the second at 7 seconds, the third at 4 seconds, and the fourth at the end of the last region.

To add an automatic fade-out:

Choose Track > Fade Out.

To adjust the length of the fade-out:

    1. Choose Track > Show Master Track.
    2. Choose Master Volume from the menu in the master track header.
      Master track
      Master track
    3. Move the control points at the end of the master volume automation curve to adjust the length of the fade-out.

To manually add a fade-in or fade-out:

    1. Click the disclosure triangle in the track’s header, or, for the master track, choose Track > Show Master Track.
    2. Choose Master Volume from the menu in the master track header.
    3. Add control points to the beginning of the volume curve for a fade-in, or to the end of the curve for a fade-out.
    4. Move the control points to adjust the length and depth (intensity) of the fade-in or fade-out.

Ode to Joy project:

    1. 1. Open Garageband and click loops
    2. 2. Click on Guitars and scroll down to the end and click “Strummed Acoustic 03”
    3. 3. Drag “Strummed Acoustic 03 into the Region
    4. 4. Extend “strummed acoustic 03” to last 8 measures (remember when extending the loop the loop will acuatlly end at the beginning of the 9th measure so that the entire 8th measure is full of sound
    5. 5. Now click and move the “strummed acoustic loop to start at the beginning of measure 2. This will now give us a one measure count in before we play “Ode to Joy”
    6. 6. Now click the up arrow in the LCD next to “measures” 2 times and adjust tempo to “90”
    7. 7. Click on the plus sign in the lower left corner and choose software instrument
    8. 8. Click on grand piano so it glows green
    9. 9. Now click play. This will give you a 4 beat intro and then try to play Ode to Joy along with the track.
10.When you feel confident playing along with the track click record
11.Listen back and make sure it is correct
12.Now add other background tracks and have fun

Loop Project due October 20th:

1. Click on pdf of Take Control of Making Music with Garageband (PDF above)

2. Read and complete project on pages 20-34

October 20 - 24

Rubric - 100 points:
Script (25) – Spelling, grammar, use of phonetics to ensure proper pronunciation.
Was the script turned in with project?
Audio slug (5) – Can audience understand the information? Is all information
Recording (10) – Are the audio levels loud enough to hear? Are there interfering
background noises?
Music selection (10) – Is there music in the spot? Does the music bed match the
mood of the spot?
Editing (45) – Are there any unnecessary pauses that interrupt the flow of the spot?
Is there any unnecessary background noise? Is the editing tight? Are there any
unnecessary extraneous audio pops or sounds? Are sound effects used?
Output file format (5) – Is the file in an MP3 format for the instructor?

Make A Great Song

1. Open PDF Garageband Music Book to page 35.

2. Read and create project up to page 63.

3. Save project as November16.

4. Export project as .mp3 to Mr. Roemer

Project due to Mr. Roemer November 17.

NOVEMBER 17 Project
1. Open file named "November 17" on your computer. Sorry the file cannot be sent via email. If you would like to work on this project outside of class, you will need to download the file on a thumb drive.

2. Students are responsible for reading and completing pgs. 64-78.

3. Export as .mp3 to Mr. Roemer.

Assignment is due by November 26.

December Radio Project - 5 minute radio project with your previously made Radio Commercial project built in approximately half way through your show. Total time is 5 minutes worth of your actual radio show plus the length of your commercial.

1. Choose whether you want to work individually, in pairs, or in a group of 3.

2. Choose what genre of morning radio show you wish to create. (Sports, Sci-Fi, weather, culture, music, Shock Jock, Interview, News). Research podcasts and radio shows in the genre you are interested)

3. Write a rough draft of a minimum 5 minute morning radio show, rehearsing the content to verify it will be 5 minutes worth of content. Please build in Mr. Roemer will offer edits to your projects. (Due by Wednesday 12/3)

4. Write a revised draft and practice within group or individually where your break will take place.

5. Now you will create a Gargeband file

6. First you will need to create a 15 second intro with a fade-in

7. This leads you into an introduction of your show,the members representing your show and its content.

Intro - Your Name, Show Name, Content & Date Music: (Jingles, Sound Effects)

8. Tease/Overview - What this episode is about

9. Content - Recording the script of this episode

10. Insert your previous assignment "Radio Commercial"

11. Enter back in with intro fade-in and reintroduce (ex. We're back with and _ and we've been discussing __.)

12. As content comes to a conclusion add a tease for next show. What listeners can expect in the next episode.

13. Outro. (ex. Thanks for listening and check in tomorrow same time, same channel) with a fade out

14. Edit and mix your assignment

15. export as .mp3